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A medical experience can be joyful when done with Safarcom in one of the world’s most beautiful spots; Istanbul! Safarcom sets you up with the world’s top medical and cosmetic experts that will guide you through your journey to the results you desire.


Airport transfers are carried out with a guide that speaks your language.


Have maximum comfort with our many accommodation options before and during your trip for the best experience.


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Our medical consultants provide 24/7 free service to give all details and make the best medical plan for you.

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At Safarcom B2B travel agency, we try to simplify the ways of travel business for our partners by offering them all the travel solutions under one umbrella.

If you need information, simply call our customer service.

Your personal case manager will ensure that you receive the best possible care.

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Our mission is to provide services that meet international standards to treat patients using the latest medical technologies by the best specialized doctors.

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Before The Trip, Which Preparations?

Once you have contacted us, you will discuss the best options for the intervention of your choice and be accompanied by an expert. Once the most suitable treatment plan for you will be determined, the appropriate date for the operation will be chosen by mutual consent.

Safarcom Medical will prepare everything you need before your operation, no worries!

Welcome to Istanbul, in Turkey!

Share your flight plan with us when you buy your tickets. We will then be able to determine the transfer times, the accommodation, and the time of your operation based on your flight.

We will drive you from the airport to the hotel and do our best to make you feel comfortable before the operation and relax.

Once You Arrive in Turkey, The Adventure Begins...

Once you arrive in Turkey, it’s very simple, you are taken care of. When you come to the hospital, you will be prepared for the operation.

Our consultants will be in contact with you throughout the process. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask your consultant!

Hair Transplant in Turkey

When it comes to hair transplantation, we can say that the first country that comes to mind is Turkey. Hair transplant Turkey attracts patients from many parts of the world in the field of health tourism to our country. Hair transplantation is an aesthetic procedure, it aims to eliminate problems such as hair loss and baldness.

Hair transplantation in Turkey is affordable and of high quality. Compared to hair transplant treatments in Europe, you can have a hair transplant in our country at a 50% more affordable price. The price is determined according to the number of grafts you need. This allows you to save money. The only secret of Turkey’s success in hair transplantation is not only affordable prices. Our Turkish doctors contribute to the field of hair transplantation by gaining experience abroad. Safarcom Medical has been working with Turkish doctors, who have all the technical equipment for more than 10 years.


Frequently Asked Questions

We provide accommodation, airport transfers and guide services for our patients coming from abroad.


Procedures will be done in a hospital. We are in Turkey’s biggest hospital. You can safely carry out your hair transplant in our fully equipped hospital. We are ready to handle any situation.

Safarcom Medical offers you free consultations. You can get information on all cosmetic surgery procedures by contacting us via the contact form.

Contact us to make your reservation. Let us know which cosmetic surgery procedure you would like to have. During the free consultation, you will receive prices, information about the operation, and a personalized treatment procedure.

Safarcom Medical’s cosmetic surgery package includes all the procedures you need, including transfer, interpreter services in your language, post-operative follow-up, care and accommodation. All these services are included in the price of the cosmetic surgery. There is no additional charge for these services.

The length of recovery varies from person to person and from procedure to procedure. The results of some surgeries can be obtained within a few weeks, while others can be obtained sooner.

We believe in affordable specialty healthcare for all.

Cosmetic surgery in Turkey is quite convenient and easy with Safarcom Medical.


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With the emergence of new distinct destinations for medical tourism, Turkey’s hospitals are closely following developments in the United States and Europe to provide high-quality health care at reasonable prices and equipped with a distinctive travel experience that suits everyone.